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 World Youth Day, Lisbon, Portugal, August 2023

Not travelling in a group? Don't worry.

We have centrally located hotels available in Lisbon for our WYD travellers.


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 World Youth Day (WYD), as the event was named in 1985, continues to be a global testimony of living and renewing faith. The event illustrates how the face of Christ is shown in each young person.

At the 1984 meeting the Pope presented the WYD Cross to the 300 000 or so young people who had gathered in Saint Peter’s Square. This meeting sparked subsequent gatherings with Pope John Paul II and the WYD Cross: in 1986 (Rome – Diocesan), 1987 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 1989 (Santiago de Compostela, Spain), 1991(Czestochowa, Poland), 1993 (Denver, USA), 1995 (Manila, Philippines), 1997 (Paris, France), 2000 (Rome, Italy), and 2002 (Toronto, Canada). Pope Benedict XVI has continued this tradition in 2005 (Cologne, Germany), 2008 (Sydney, Australia), 2011 (Madrid, Spain),  2013 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), 2016 (Krakow, Poland), and 2019 (Panama)

The host-cities of WYD have the opportunity to showcase themselves to the many pilgrims attending the event. They witness an event that unites hundreds of nationalities together in Christ. Difficulties, such as language and culture barriers may initially come across as problematic but then turn into bonding moments at WYD. At WYD young people come together in a meeting of love, dreams, and Christ.

The Portuguese city of Lisbon will be the site of the next World Youth Day in August 2023.  

Pope Francis has decided to postpone the upcoming World Meeting of Families and World Youth Day because of the coronavirus outbreak.


World Youth Day in Lisbon, Portugal - August 2023


World Youth Day, Lisbon, Portugal, August 2023


WYD LISBON 2023 - with Fatima

 From the time you arrive, you are greeted with the life of St. Anthony of Padua (Patron Saint of Lost Things.) Then you are on your way to Fatima, home to the three shepherd children who witnessed the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary - 100 years ago! Enjoy the many World Youth Day events specially organised during this time. Contact Guidepost Tours for individual and group tours. (GPT-206PT-WYD)

WYD LISBON 2023 - with Fatima & Paris

 This pilgrimage is designed for small groups and individuals who wish to explore the spiritual sites around Paris after participating in the World Youth Day events in Lisbon. We can also assist with your flights and other travel before and after Portugal. Contact Guidepost Tours for more details. (GPT-206PT-WYD-B)

WYD LISBON 2023 - with Fatima, Toledo & Madrid

 World Youth Day in Lisbon, August 2023. This special itinerary is designed for individuals and small groups of young Catholic Christians planning to attend the special events as well as seeing other nearby sites in Lisbon (St. Anthony) · Santarem (Eucharistic Miracle) · Fatima · Madrid · Toledo. Contact Guidepost Tours for further enquiries. (GPT-206PT-WYD-C)


 Attending World Youth Day in 2023 is a great opportunity to walk the Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela. Guidepost have many options depending on your physical ability and time available. Your can take the French route through the Pyrenees, take the popular Portuguese coastal route or just take the last few days through Galacia. Talk to our specialist consultants today.

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