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Guidepost Discovery Tours to undiscovered destinations. Unique cultural small group tours for travellers looking for new places to visit with a little comfort.

Let Guidepost Discovery Tours take you to 'undiscovered destinations' - escorted small group tours and private journeys to some of the least visited countries in the world. These exciting itineraries combine a blend of comfort and discovery, with the focus delving deep into countries and cultures. Browse the list of options on this page or submit the enquiry form above to ask about our full range of tours.  

Small group tours and private journeys to least visited countries


Hidden places in a small world. Let Guidepost Discovery Tours and 'Undiscovered Destinations' allow you to combine comfort and discovery as you visit countries and cultures mostly untouched by tourism. Specially selected local guides will ensure you receive the warmest of welcomes. Contact Guidepost Tours on 1300 733323 for more information, departure dates in 2009 for small group trips, or your requests for private tours and prices from Australia.


East Timor is one of the world's newest nations and Australia's closest neighbours. We have a perfect discovery tour as an introduction to East Timor, reaching many remote areas, with plenty of opportunity to meet the incredibly friendly local people. There will also be plenty of time to relax at a beach and enjoy snorkelling in crystal-clear waters. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for more information on travel in East Timor and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


The fascination of Bangladesh lies in observing the life going on around you. Our Bangladesh Discovery small group tour is a unique opportunity to take in some of the highlights of the country. The journey begins in bustling Dhaka, followed by a leisurely cruise on the famous ‘Rocket’ paddle steamer south to the Sundarbans. A short flight will bring you back to Dhaka, from where you will head north to the country’s tea growing capital, Srimangal. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for detailed itineraries in Bangladesh and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


A visit to Myanmar is in many ways a journey back in time. Discover hidden temples and magnificent archaeological sites, colourful hill tribes and bustling markets, stunning beaches and striking natural scenery. Destinations include Yangon, Bagan, Mount Popa, Salay, Mandalay, Pindaya and Inle Lake. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for tour information in Burma (Myanmar) and prices from Australia. (U'Dest) 


The Comoros are one of Africa’s biggest surprises. The tour begins on Grande Comoro, known as Ngazidja by the Comorians, the largest and geologically the youngest of the Comoros Islands. The island’s most prominent geographical feature is the 2361-meter high Mt Karthala, an active volcano that bubbles at the roof of the island. Our 13 day itinerary is available for private journeys. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for itineraries in the Comoros and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


'Undiscovered Destinations' is the leading tour operator specialising in Angola offering an unparalleled choice of tours. Throughout this amazing country you will find beauty and remote tribal people untouched by the outside world. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for details of itineraries in Angola and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


Journey into the little visited interior of the epitome of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and discover DRC. A mass of sprawling rainforest, abundant nature and local culture. Congo tours include Equator Province Discovery, Equator Province Explorer, and River Expedition Kisangani to Kinshasa. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for operation information on these tours in the D R Congo for 2009. (U'Dest)


Be one of the first to discover the world’s newest nation. East Timor is a land of amazing variety, of historic Portuguese churches, misty mountains, pristine reefs and beaches, and an inspiring people who would not accept anything less than an independent homeland. These unique tours are the perfect introduction to East Timor. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for details or click here to send an email.


A fascinating insight to this little visited corner of Africa, mainly by private 4WD. We start and end with the charming capital Asmara, at 2,300m pleasant at any time of the year. You will have plenty of time to check out some of the Italian style cafes and bars before we head north to Keren, famous for its camel market. You will see much more on one of our tours to Eritrea. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for details and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


Isolated for millennia from the rest of the world, the beautiful Omo Valley is home to an intriguing mix of many small and distinctive tribal groups. On this journey of discovery through Ethiopia we get truly off the beaten track, exploring little visited National Parks, picturesque villages and vibrant local markets. We are privileged to witness age old customs and rituals, learning of the symbolism that remains an integral part of everyday life in this captivating region. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for itineraries in Ethiopia and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


Gabon offers stunning scenery, with majestic mountains overlooking pristine primary rainforest dotted with rocky outcrops, mighty waterfalls and abundant wildlife. One of Central Africa’s best kept secrets, the Dzanga Sangha Reserve in the south of the Central African Republic, is a breathtaking reserve, home to large mammals such as forest elephants, buffalos and gorillas. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for tours in Gabon and prices from Australia. (U'Dest) 


Nicaragua is Central America’s best kept secret. Sleepy towns and active volcanoes, deserted beaches and pristine rainforest, a nation of poets and comedians. Rum, reggae and revolution. Explore Nicaragua’s authentic character with our small group itinerary, one of the few fixed dated tours of Nicaragua. Discover the colonial city of Leon, the splendours of Granada, the oldest city in Central America. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for itineraries in Nicaragua and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


Oman - Our Unknown Land itinerary offers a taste of Oman’s dramatic landscapes, stunning attractions and natural wonders. We travel through the Hajar Mountains to the city of Nizwa, the country’s capital in the 6 th and 7 th centuries, before heading for the desert and the famous Wahiba Sands. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for itineraries in Oman and Ukraine with prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


A lush land of diverse forests and pristine beaches, Panama is a proud nation, and one that can be applauded for respecting its indigenous peoples. From bird watching in the Chiriqui cloud forests in the west, to learning about the Kuna culture in the San Blas Islands.  Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for itineraries in Panama and prices from Australia. (U'Dest) 


As São Tomé receives fewer than 20 tourists a week, we know this is a special opportunity to explore this former Portuguese colony. We offer the perfect mix of adventure, discovery, and comfort along the way, including a stay at an excellent resort that straddles the Equator. Join us on our pioneering São Tomé Discovery tour, taking in the highlights of this little visited West African island country. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for information and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


The Sierra Leone Discovery is a perfect mix of culture, nature and history. The tour includes a visit to Bunce Island, once the largest British slave castle on the Rice Coast of West Africa. We visit the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, established to rescue orphaned and captured chimps. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for information on Sierra Leonne and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


Along Sudan’s remarkable Nile Valley, a wealth of archaeological treasures awaits the intrepid traveller. Join us on this rare opportunity to discover a land of preserved temples dating back to ancient Egyptian times, painted tombs and numerous pyramids. You will stay at a superb rest house and comfortable permanent camp. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for itineraries in Sudan and prices from Australia. (U'Dest) 


Our tour starts in Taipei, Taiwan’s frantic but fun filled capital, before going on to discover the Yangmingsham National Park. A complete contrast to the capital, Taiwan’s varied geography offers an amazing array of environments. In the mountains are crystal-clear lakes, hidden waterfalls and plenty of opportunities for hiking. Combined with visits to beautiful temples, tropical beaches and awe inspiring gorges. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for itineraries in Taiwan and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)


Combining some of East Africa’s most spectacular wilderness areas with a range of luxury camps. We have two main Tanzania Tours: Tanzania Northern Safari and Beach Holiday, and Southern Tanzania Safari and Mafia Island. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for full details of itineraries in Tanzania and prices from Australia. (U'Dest).


Our Best of Uganda itinerary is the perfect chance to see the incredible primates of the African jungle whilst staying in comfortable lodge-based accommodation or good quality permanent tented camps. The raw beauty of Uganda is preserved in special wildlife areas such as Queen Elizabeth II National Park. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for itineraries in Uganda with prices from Australia. (U'Dest)

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