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Central Asia

Travel the Silk Road through Central Asia

EXPLORE KAZAKHSTAN - Astana/Nur-Sultan to Almaty, April 2020

 29 April 2020 - Enigmatic Central Asian Giant: Kazakhstan is where a vibrant multi-cultural society meets the dark legacy of deportations, gulags, and nuclear weapons. Come with us and see all ofthe above and much more! From 2,100 USD per person. On this incredible 9-night adventure we will start in the new capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana) and finish in the old, Almaty. In between these two fascinating cities, we will travel by road, rail, and air as we adventure and explore parts of Kazakhstan only few have seen before. We will be heading to the industrial base of Karaganda, the infamous Semipalatinsk (in two words; Gulags and Nukes), and Kurchatov - the Los Alamos of the USSR, where the Red Bomb was developed and tested. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours (Koryo)

EXPLORE KAZAKHSTAN - Astana / Nur-Sultan to Almaty, September 2020

  16 September 2020 - Epic Journey in Remote Central Asia: Kazakhstan is where a vibrant multi-cultural society meets the dark legacy of deportations, gulags, and nuclear weapons. Come with us and see all of the above and much more! From 2,100 USD per person. On this incredible adventure we will start in the new capital (Nur-Sultan, formerly Astana) and finish in the old (Almaty), in between these two fascinating cities we will travel by road, rail, and air between the industrial base of Karaganda, the infamous Semipalatinsk (in two words; Gulags and Nukes), Kurchatov – the Los Alamos of the USSR, where the Red Bomb was developed and tested – over and over again, we will even get to ground zero in ‘The Polygon’; the vast nuclear testing range full of abandoned measuring platforms, bunkers, craters, buried machinery, and the scenic yet chilling ‘Atomic Lake’. We’ll get a history lesson on the darker side of this little-known land, as well as updates on what’s been going on in the cities and countryside as we pass between them seeing local life, industry, and so much more. Contact Guidepost Tours (Koryo)


 15 August 2020 - Travel across the roof of the world! This 10-night tour traces the route of the ancient Silk Road and the adventures of  Marco Polo. Starting in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, we will follow the M41  Pamir Highway to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, while passing the most amazing mountain scenery. From 2,700 USD per person.    This tour starts in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. We visit the fascinating capital of Bishkek before flying to Osh. From here, we follow the route of the historical M41 Pamir Highway. We will cross into Tajikistan over high passes and past beautiful lakes and snow capped mountains. Staying in small towns and villages along the way, this journey will take you to some of this region’s most remote but rewarding destinations, to ultimately arrive in Dushanbe — Tajikistan’s lovely, laid back capital. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours (Koryo)

Special tours in Turkmenistan


We have created the best possible itineraries to maximise your stay in Turkmenistan, covering a wide variety of places such as the stunning city of Ashgabat, the Caspian sea port city of Turkmenbashi and the nearby ‘Turkmen Dubai’ of Avaza, the far Northern Dashoguz area with its Uzbek peoples and culture, the flaming gas crater of Darvaza as well as much more. Visit the tallest Minaret in central Asia, the region’s largest Mosque, the world's largest Bazaar and so much more, an unforgettable experience is absolutely guaranteed! Read on for more information on what you need to know about Turkmenistan. Contact Guidepost Tours for tour details. 


TURKMENISTAN TOUR - Ashgabat, Darvaza Gas Crater & Beyond

 9 May 2020 - 7 nights exploring Turkmenistan. Featuring the white marble fantasy-capital of Ashgabat, a night camping at the bizarre Darvaza gas crater, the ancient Silk Road ruins of Konye-Urgench, and more! From 2,100 USD per person. Our tours to Turkmenistan will take you to all the country’s highlights. You will experience the local colour of Ashgabat (best described as a merging of Pyongyang and Las Vegas!), journey deep into the desert for some underground swimming, and camp next to the amazing and unique Darvaza Gas Crater - otherwise known as the 'Gates of Hell' or 'Doors to Hell'. You will visit the Silk Road ruins of Konye-Urgench, or experience Yangykala, the ‘Turkmen Grand Canyon’—a breathtaking area of amazing natural beauty. Wherever you go, your Turkmenistan tour will be an epic trip through a remarkable country. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours. (Koryo)

Journeys around Southern Russia -Black Sea to the Caspian

ROSTOV REGION & THE COSSACKS - Destination Information

 Rostov-On-Don is the capital of the Don Cossack Region - Taganrog - Razdorskaya - Starocherkassk - Novocherkassk - Azov - Veshenskaya - Aksay - Tanais. This information will assist in planning your holiday in Southern Russia. Contact Guidepost Tours for more information. (SagaV)


Guidepost Tours will arrange your short stay programmes in Southern Russia and the Cossack Region. Volgograd - Astrakhan - Elista - Sochi - Rostov-on-Don


 This is a small group or private tour taking you through the River Don Delta to discover the history and culture of towns dating back to medieval times with their beginnings in the Silk Route trade. Contact Guidepost Tours for information and reservations. (SagaV)


 Discover the amazing natural scenery from the beautiful corners of Europe's highest mountain, Mt Elbrus, in the high Caucasus Range of Southern Russia - wildflowers, waterfalls, pine forests, alpine meadows, mineral springs and glacial rivers. Contact Guidepost Tours. (SagaV)


 The Village of Lysogorka is located in an ecologically clean place where an unforgettable panorama of the Don Steppes can be seen. Here you can see quaint cretaceous masses with a height of more than 10 metres. To the north of the village grows the most beautiful kind of feather grass in the world, so the territory around Lysogorka is a Nature Reserve. We have included a 'homestay' in this package. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for prices and available. (Gpt-SagaV)

CHARMING STEPPES & THE DON DELTA - 5 day nature tour

 The Southwest of Russia is the most biologically diverse region of Russia. Unique environments are formed by the high altitudes and slope habitats of the Caucasian Mountain Range. The southern slopes abound in subtropical forests while the northern slope meets the plains, the grassland steppes that roll to the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. This 5 day nature tour can be extended and tailored to your available time in the region. Contact Guidepost Tours. (SagaV)


 Archaeology has shown that nomadic tribes were migrating out of regions north of the Black Sea long before there were ever kingdoms to record them. Theories now suggest that the origin of Proto Indo-European roots are in this region. Discoveries are still taking place and we can take you to "open air museums" in the Don Region. Contact Guidepost Tours (SagaV)


 On this tour you will discover the most tragic pages of Russian history – the period of World War II in Southern Russia. It includes Rostov-on-Don (the city nicknamed “the Gateway to the Caucasus” by the Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany); the Cossack capitals of Starocherkassk and Novocherkassk; the battlefields of Mius-front near Taganrog; and at last, the legend of World War II Stalingrad, now the large industrial city of Volgograd on the river Volga. Contact Guidepost Tours for more details. (SagaV)


 This special nature route is an unforgettable trip for birdwatchers and for those who truly like wild nature in its different appearance. This vast steppeland is a home of many rare and endangered animals and birds like saiga antelope, bustard, wild horses. Southern Russian steppes are especially beautiful when blooming with tulips in spring. Gather a group of friends and join Guidepost Tours in Southern Russia. (Gpt-SagaV)


 Magnificent nature of Elbrus – Beautiful Valleys – Flora and fauna of the mountains  This tour is a discovery of amazing natural scenery from the beautiful corners of Europe’s highest mountain. Elbrus tour is a breathtaking journey devoted to hiking in beatuful landscapes and discovering a rich fauna and flora. Explore Southern Russia with a group of friends on a private tour. Contact Guidepost Tours. (Gpt-SagaV)


 Perm – Ekaterinburg – Chelyabinsk – Ufa (7 Days) This tour is designed to discover the best Ural cities and their cultural and ethnographic heritages. Old Russian wooden architecture, traditions of merchants and manufacturers, industrial giants and heritage of the Turkic people of Ural Region. Contact Guidepost Tours for more details. (Gpt-SagaV)


 Perm – Ekaterinburg – Tumen – Omsk (8 Days). This tour is designed to take you to the best cities of the Urals and Siberia and their cultural and ethnographic heritages. Old Russian wooden architecture, traditions of merchants and manufacturers, Orthodox Cathedrals, history and tragedy of the Russian Civil War. Excorted private touring. Contact Guidepost Tours. (SagaV)


 Russia is a big country with various traditions, customs and religious flavor. Kalmykia is considered to be the eastern tale of Russia and the only Buddhist land in Europe. Contact Guidepost Tours for reservations. Tour is available for small groups and private touring. (SagaV)

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