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Scott McGregor's Railway Adventures

 Railway Adventures are designed for comfortable, leisurely enjoyment of a country and its culture, travelling as much as possible by train. Our groups are generally small (15 to 20 passengers is average) and our team of leaders and guides are experienced in looking after passengers as individuals and in groups.  

Scott McGregor is a well known face from 30 years of work as an actor, presenter and producer in projects ranging from TV home makeovers to railway travel and history. He currently runs ‘Railway Adventures’ offering specialised tours to destinations all over the world. For many years he ran the Antiques and Collectables company Off The Rails and has spent most of his free time consumed by a variety of challenging home renovations.

He has also presented two series of his own Railway Adventure programs screened in Australia and overseas and was a regular face on the Lifestyle Channel as the Antiques and Collectables expert and travel guy. 

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Toll free phone from anywhere in Australia 1300 733323   

Toll free from anywhere in the United Kingdom 0-808-189-3110   

 Elsewhere around the world call +61 418 428 909


Railway Adventures with Scott McGregor


 Great travel is as much about the way you get there as it is about the destinations. Train travel is gentle travel, a chance to settle back and let the world roll by. Is not a good train the most civilised form of transport yet invented? Slow trains, fast trains, heritage steamers, luxury sleepers - all designed to connect the world's most captivating scenery and fascinating destinations. Here is a summary of our programme of Railway Adventures for 2017. We are taking expressions of interest for future tours so register for our regular newsletters.


 Next tour starts 7th November 2017   Sri Lanka on the Viceroy Special. The British built broad gauge railway network branching out into all the main regions of the island contain some of the most scenic and dramatic sections of railway to be found anywhere in the world. Riding the rails in Sri lanka is like stepping back in time, so much of the original colonial era survives and the chance to explore the stunning country and its wondous railways in a stately private train is a golden opportunity rarely offered. Contact Guidepost Rail Tours. (Gpt-RAdv)

OUTBACK QUEENSLAND RAIL TOUR with Robert Kingsford-Smith

2nd May (SOLD OUT), 1st August & 5th September 2017 -  North Queensland is a canvas on which nature paints many spectacular landscapes. Vast outback plains, tidal estuaries of the Gulf, tropical rainsorests, and the character filled Savannah are the backdrops for fascinating and awe-inspiring experiences.  The tour features five unique train trips, an island-hopping flight, comfortable coach and train in a trip from brisbane to Mount Isa through Longreach and Winton, up to the Gulf of Carpentaria, across the wide Savannah and the Atherton Tableland and down through the rainforest of the Kuranda range to Cairns. Stopping at  Mount Isa, Normanton, the stunning Cobbold Gorge, the intriguing Undara Lava Tubes, the tour finishes in Cairns after an exciting day trip to Port Douglas and Mossman Gorge. Contact Guidepost Rail Tours for reservations. (Gpt-RAdv)    *** Please note that our August tour will fly from Brisbane to Longreach.- May & September tours will still travel on the Spirit of the Outback train  

CLICK HERE TO READ 'TRACKS ACROSS THE TOP' from Australian Country Magazine 

JAVA BY RAIL - Jakarta to Bali in May 2017

13 May 2017 from Jakarta, across Java to Bali - Java is the richest, most densely populated of Indonesia's countless islands. Its diverse landscape ranges from towering volcanoes to dense forest, manicured rice paddies and teeming cities. Our train adventure explores this 1000km long island starting in Jakarta and travelling through Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo and Surabuya to Jember in the east where we take a short ferry ride to Bali. This tour is an undiscovered gem and great value. There is option to extend your stay for a few days at a beautiful resort in Bali. Note new dates for our 2017 tour. Contact Guidepost Tours for details. (RA)


7 to 22 September 2016 - optional extension to Sapa 22 to 25 September & again in October 2017 - HO CHI MINH CITY * DALAT * HOI AN * HUE * DONG HOI * HANOI * HALONG BAY * SAPA  -  Enjoy one of the world’s great train journeys and experience Vietnam’s most iconic destinations on a 2,000-kilometre odyssey from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi and beyond. Luxury hotels, most meals and many side trips reveal Vietnam’s history, culture, gourmet food, wonderfully friendly people and excellent shopping.  Private carriages on the Reunification Express, your own train to the mystic hill station of Sapa and private luxury junk on magic Halong Bay are features of this unique tour. All in all it’s a stimulating and enlightening gentle adventure.  Contact Guidepost Rail tours. (Gpt-RAdv)

Visit our video page to see last years Vietnam Rail Tour

TAIWAN BY RAIL & ROAD with Bob Daniel

 16-28 November 2017   -  TAIPEI * SUN MOON LAKE * MOUNT ALISHAN * KAOSIUNG-CITY * TAITUNG * TAROKO GORGE * WULAI         Taiwan is a treasure, mountainous, scenic, and full of great cultural icons from its rich history as an island on the trade routes and influence of Asia’s great powers. Some of China’s greatest art works ended up there when the Nationalists fled the mainland and established the modern republic. Our northern Autumn journey takes us from bustling Taipei by high speed train to the magical resort of Sun Moon Lake. Victorian era. Switchback railways traverse the mountains into the giant cypress forests of Mt Alishan in the high altitude at the heart of the island. Our trains continue the circumnavigation south to Kaohsiung and Taitung then north hugging the east coast past gorges, ravines, dramatic coastlines and vibrant historic cities. Luxury accommodation, delicious dinners and plenty of time to shop complete this great value adventure. (RAdv)


 6th to 14th June 2017 - Escape to North Queensland and enjoy exclusive private charters on the railways, roads and rivers from Cairns to the Gulf across Queensland’s wild Outback Savannah country. Here’s a rare opportunity to indulge in a gently paced week long adventure to North Queensland’s most intriguing destinations and natural wonders in the company of your hosts and a small size group. Your journey from the wet tropics to the Gulf of Carpentaria covers a variety of landscapes from the wide open gulf country with its snaking rivers and teeming wildlife across the numerous craggy ranges and lush agricultural tablelands. The destinations offer a snapshot of life in this remote part of Australia and everywhere we go the culture and rich history is bought to life by your tour leaders and the many local guides that will join us. Welcome aboard this character-filled tour, a rare opportunity to explore the many aspects of Far North Queensland on your very own iconic trains, boats and planes.  CAIRNS * CHILLIGOE * MT SURPRISE * COBBOLD GORGE * CROYDON * NORMANTON. (Gpt-RA) *** NOTE: TOUR STARTING ON 6 JUNE SOLD OUT - TOUR STARTING ON 7 JUNE STILL AVAILABLE


 October 2017 - • LAUNCESTON • CRADLE MOUNTAIN • • STRAHAN • BOTHWELL • HOBART *  See yourself riding in the balcony coach of a hard-working steam train up the wild West Coast mountains, soaking up the wonders of modern art at MONA, sipping whisky in the atmosphere of a stone clad distillery or being in zone beside sublime Cradle Mountain Lake. You will also be treated to welcoming locals, gourmet foods and wines, quality accommodation and unique side trips on rail, road and river in the company of your experienced and knowledgeable host.  Contact Guidepost Tours for reservations.  (Gpt-RAdv)



Unrivalled natural beauty, surreal sceneries, living century-old traditions, astounding food—these are just some of New Zealand’s unique and fascinating traits. Add to this an extensive rail network with an abundance of spectacular journeys, and you have all the ingredients for an unsurpassed adventure.  (RAdv)


11th to 29th September 2017 - Rich culture, amazing architecture, bustling cities, serene landscapes full of natural beauty, and efficient transport systems are just a few reasons travellers are drawn to this fascinating corner of the world. This tour will have you experiencing the extremes that make this destination truly unique from the 2000 plus year old Terracotta Warriors to the ultramodern and sleek bullet trains.   You’ll stand in awe of the steep cliffs of the Three Gorges and marvel at the cute yet endangered Giant Pandas. This tour encapsulates all of Chinas most amazing experiences whilst also showing you a more intimate side of the country when you get to mingle with the locals. A VERY POPULAR ITINERARY!  Contact Guidepost Tours for reservations. (RAdv)

SCANDINAVIA BY TRAIN BOAT & PLANE July 2017 - with Scott McGregor

24 July to 10 August 2017 The idyllic Scandinavian mid-summer is basked in never-ending sunshine and buzzing with high-spirited locals enjoying her evanescent beauty after a long, harsh winter. It is the ideal time to adventure through the stunning landscape by magnificent trains, boats and coaches. This spectacular Scandinavian voyage kicks off from historical capital, Stockholm. Journey through to Lapland discovering Sweden’s untouched inland riding the stunning Inlandsbanan train. As described by author Ernst Didring as ‘the Eighth Wonder of the World’, the legendary Ofoten line will take you beyond the Arctic Circle though to Norway’s northern coast to cruise the Lofoten islands by boat.  The Norland line that journeys on to the charming city of Trondheim is alive with scenic railway charm. Enjoy unparalleled views of the breathtaking landscapes of the Rauma and Flam railways on your journey to the iconic cities of Alesund and Bergen.  Reservations for Scott McGregor's Railway Adventures only with Guidepost Rail Tours. (Gpt-RAdv)    

Visit our video page to see our Scandinavia Tour last year


Trains Boats & Planes with Alan Coltman - 8 to 25 September 2017 - Britain’s empire was built on its naval strength, consolidated by the Industrial Revolution and the Golden Age of Railways. However, the story of the RAF’s victory in the air and the subsequent aviation revolution that saw Concord take to the skies, gives inspiration to this tour celebrating the three great modes of transport that make the UK what it is today. We’ll travel on first-class trains and luxury coaches, and stay in quality 3- and 4-star accommodation on our adventure that also incorporates great scenery, architecture and a vast, eclectic mix of England’s cultural icons.  Contact Guidepost Tours for more information and reservations. (Gpt-RAdv)   


 12 June 2017 for 18 days - Scotland doesn't waste an inch of its compact area in order to delight and impress visitors. Wild and unspoilt, Scotland's landscapes are timeless, and few pleasures can compare with stepping aboard a magnificently restores steam train and gently rolling through the dramatically heather-clad hills of the Scottish Highlands. THIS UNIQUE TOUR IS PACKED WITH UNIQUE & UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCES. Contact Guidepost Tours for reservations. We can also assist with other travel arrangements in the UK and Europe. (RAdv)


 25th September 2017 - LONDON · PARIS · FRANKFURT · BERLIN · DRESDEN · PRAGUE · VIENNA · As you travel from London into the heart of Europe, you will find yourself surrounded by centuries of history, striking contrasts and breathtaking natural beauty. Explore major European cities, each with its unique character; each a place where legends exist side by side with modern-day living. Extravagant palaces, medieval castles, majestic cathedrals and solemn memorials that will not let us forget the atrocities of War—they are all parts of the same story, which we will be piecing together every step of the way.  Contact Guidepoist Tours for Reservations (RA)

ISLANDS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN with Tim Fischer & Scott McGregor

 17th September to 2nd October 2017 - In the heart of the Mediterranean are four fascinating islands characterised by wild and mountainous sceneries, multi-layered histories, rich cultures and a wonderful collection of extraordinary little railways. Heritage, narrow-gauge, local and private trains ply their way through the rugged landscapes. Board this unusual journey to experience the essence of what makes each of the central Mediterranean’s islands so unique. Corsica, reached by overnight ferry from the mainland, is blessed with a stunningly contoured coastline, remote valleys and villages, a vibrant culinary scene and a captivating cross-island mountain railway. The ancient and weather-worn landscapes of Sardinia are a backdrop for the next island adventure, which uses a mix of regular and privately chartered heritage trains.  Sicily, the largest of them all, is rich with drama, culture and volcanic activity. Ancient Greek and Roman ruins blend with modern vibrant cities. Finally, for those who wish to cap off their islands sojourn, continue with Scott to Malta, or join Tim for a train trip to Rome where you will have time to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Vatican and the eternal city. Contact Guidepost Tours for a full itinerary and further details. (RA)


 January 2018 - India is defined by its diversity, its people, its landscapes and its traditions. Spirituality is the common thread strung across the vast and diverse tapestry that is the subcontinent, and nowhere epitomises this better than the world cities of Mumbai and Delhi, the sweeping plains and grand forts of Rajasthan, and the spectacular setting and character of the old British-Raj hill station in Shimla. Immerse yourself in the life of luxury train travel as you discover the splendors of India’s most compelling destinations on the opulent Deccan Odyssey. Contact Guidepost Rail Tours (RA)

Contact Guidepost Tours for more details.




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