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Indonesia - Tenggara Flores Komodo Papua


From Bali you can sail eastward to Nusa Tenggara. Theislands in the west may be considered paradise for water sport lovers, particularly snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. A special attraction on the Gili Islands the the existence of blue reefs that are only found here and in the Caribbean Sea. One of the popular trekking sites of the region is Mount Rinjani, the second highest volcanic mountain in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci in Sumatra.


The Komodo Dragon is the largest ancient lizard in the world that can only be found in its natural habitat in Indonesia. Komodo Island is a 1 hour boat ride from Labuan Bajo. The island also features a unique pink sandy beach. Flores, a long island located between Sumbawa and Timor, is strewn with volcanoes in a mountain chain dividing it into several regions with distinctive languages and traditions, scenic beauty, good beaches, and natural wonders. The name is Portuguese for "flower", as the Portuguese were the first Europeans to colonize East Nusa Tenggara.


West Timor has approximately 1.6 million inhabitants. who are mostly of Malay, Papuan or Polynesian origin, with a tiny ethnic Chinese group. The main religions are Catholic (56%), Protestant (35%) and Muslim (8%).Kupang is the capital of West Timor. It is a very Indonesian town with its buzzing bemos and honking horns. West Timor's landscape has spiky lontar palms, rocky soils and central hills dotted with villages of beehive-shaped huts. It also has fantastic coastlines. 
The Maluku Islands have long been known throughout the world for their valuable spices which have attracted traders from China, Malaya, Java, Arabia, Persia and Gujarat to flock here in the 14th Century. Ternate is the location of Oranje Fortress, The first dutch fortress build in Indonesia in 1607. Halmahera Island houses the richest sea biota diversity in the world with 750 species of reef coral and 942 species of fish. 


Laurentz National Park is covered by perpetual snow, one of three tropical snow meadows in the world. Cartenz Summit rises 4884 metres above sea level and is popular with mountain climbers. Raja Ampart islands are a divers' paradise. The local Cendrawash is also known as the Bird of Paradise, a protected species kow for the exotic beauty, color and shape of its feathers.

Discovery Tours through Eastern Indonesia - Nusa Tenggara, Flores & Komodo


   Located east of Bali and reached by a 2 hour flight, FLORES is one of the most beautiful islands in the Lesser Sundas. Mountainous, with steep-sided valleys cut through by fast flowing rivers, dense forest and open savanna landscapes. (Adv Ind)


  The islands of the Komodo Dragon. LABUAN BAJO is a port town at the western tip of FLORES. From here you can visit Rinca and Komodo Islands. Our most recommended trip is 3 days and 2 nights which will allow you to follow the trail  of Komodo Lizard Habitats and take in a spot of snorkeling. (Adv Ind)


 The waters off Komodo and Flores Islands are the ideal place for many kinds of sea activities. It is just like the missing paradise for the underwater world lover. So many things to do from luxury "live-a-board" boats. Private boats available or join other like minded people  (Adv Ind)


 scheduled small grop departures run April & Jule to October - Explore Bali, Flores and Komodo Idlands. Search for the Komodo dragons in Flores and climb volcanoes then relax on the beautiful beaches. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours (ExpWW)

Visit Kupang and West Timor

Off the beaten track in West Papua & Maluku

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