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Indonesia - Kalimantan Borneo Sulawesi Toraja


Borneo is filled with lush tropical rainforest sitting side by side with the tidiest plantations, the solemnest traditional life also joins with the new settlers. Nearly extinct orangutans live in their natural habitat at Tanjung Puting National Park near Pangkalan Bun. The Erau cultural ceremony is held anually at the Sultanate of Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan. Kutai is the oldest Hindhu kingdom in Indonesia. Kalimantan is a large island criss-crossed by wide and long rivers. The Kapuas River is 1,143 km long and 400 to 700 metres wide in parts. The Mahakam River is 920 km long and the Barito River of 900km is 650 to 800 metres wide. 


Situated between Borneo and the Moluku Island, the distinctive island of Sulawesi has four narrow peninsulas. This extraordinary island has so much to offer from unique cultures, pristine beaches and underwater parks with stunning turquoise waters. Enjoy world class diving spots at Bunaken and Wakatobi. The unexplored mountainous hinterland is also becoming a major attraction together with the local cuisine and interesting attractions around Makassar. A popular highlight is Toraja in the west of Suawesi, a few hours north of Makassar, the provincial capital of South Sulawesi and the fifth largest city in Indonesia.


Wildlife discoveries in Kalimantan and Indonesian Borneo


 Tanjung Puting National Park and Camp Leakey are synonymous with Orangutan rehabilitation and conservation. Located on the Sekonyer River from Kumai port near Pangkalan Bun, visitors can come close to many many wildlife species such as the proboscis monkey, the Borneo bearded pig and the Malayan false gharial crocodile.

CENTRAL KALIMANTAN - Regional Information

 The Borneo Heritage.... Central Kalimantan is populated by the Dayaks, the indigenous inhabitants of Borneo. It is dominated by all kind of natural tropical vegetation. Pangkalan Bun is the entrance gate to Tanjung Puting National Park in the southern part and the Dayak villages in the north of Kalimantan Tengah. Read on for further information and see tour suggestions below.


 Dayak tribes are one of native people that spread the island of Borneo and become the biggest ethnic group in Central Kalimantan. Clothing made of kapuak and headpieces adorned with Enggang and Ruai bird feathers are worn during special occasions. A great time to visit is during the Babukung Festival now held annually in October   in Nanga Bulik, the capital city of Lamandau District.


 Here is our essential tour package to visit the capital of the orangutan world in Tanjung Puting National Park. we take you cruising on the Sekonyer River, trekking through the tropical forest and watching animals, especially orangutans, in their natural habitat. You will be staying 2 nights on our kelotok (houseboat) and wake up in the morning to the ‘orchestral’ sound of the forest.  Highlights are a visit to Camp Leakey Orangutan Research Station, Sekonyer River Village and Pondok Tanggui Camp. Contact Guidepost Tours for confirmation of current prices and reservations. Tour run any day throughout the year. (GPT-Sister)

ORANGUTAN ADVENTURE TOUR - 4 days from Pangkalan Bun

 Looking for a bit of adventure beyond watching orangutans in the wild? Then you should try our orangutan adventure package in Tanjung Puting National Park. We would like to take you exploring the park at night, replanting trees, and visit Sekonyer River Village to experience their daily activityies. Of course we visit Camp Leakey and Pondok Tanggui Camp to see Orangutans close-up and see plenty of other wildlife including proboscis monkeys as we cruise slowly upriver. Contact Guidepost Tours for updated prices or to tailor the itinerary to suit your prefered dates and interests. (GPT-Sister)


 This tour is a combination of our releasing turtle and orangutan tours. Tanjung Keluang National Park with its white sands and calm sea offers natural scenic beauty like no other. This place is a sanctuary of tranquillity. It is also home is a small conservation project to preserve and release green and hawkbill turtles.  Of course you will spend some days cruising the Sekonyer River and Tanjung Puting Nastional Park, seeing orangutans, proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. Contact Guidepost Tours for further details and current prices. (GPT-Sister) 


 This tour is a complete Central Kalimantan package. Travel through the magnificent land with stunning views to stay in a local village and experience daily life there. Stroll around the village, swim in the Deland River, enjoy rafting or river tubing, trek through the primary rain forests or maybe join your host villagers to the farming fields during harvest time. Of course, you will still visit the orangutans and explore Tanjung Puting National Park. A wonderful experience to mix with the locals and the wildlife. Contact Guidepost Tours for more details, current prices and reservations. (GPT-Sister)


 This exciting tour gives a wonderful cross section of Indonesian history, culture and unique wildlife. You will visit places including Camp Leakey and Tanjung Puting National Park, Borobudur in Central Java, Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali, Komodo Island in Flores and see the amazing Komodo dragons and Pink Beach on Rinca Island near Labuan Bajo. Contact Guidepost Indonesian Tours. (GPT-ICS)

Unique small group and private tours in Sulawesi

SOUTH SULAWESI ROUNDTRIP - 8 days Makassar to Toraja

 From Makassar you will discover Bira, Sengkang and Toraja. Immerse yourself in the journery to discover the remains of one of the world's oldest known civilisations, indulge in the places of rich culinary delights and visit havens for sun chasers and underwater park lovers. (GPT-ICS)


 From the port city of Makassar you will visit Kendari, Bau Bau and Muna Island. Most of the land area of Southeast Sulawesi is covered by natural jungle with extensive plantations of teak and ironwood, which are used for local handicraft and contribute to the local economy. For those who like challenging adventures and ecotourism this part of Sulawesi is ideal. Many dive and snorkel spots can be found around Southeast Sulawesi. (GPT-ICS)

DISCOVER SULAWESI - 15 days including Toraja

 small group scheduled departures run during May and selected times through the year - Visit Rantepao, meet the Toraja tribes and witness their mystifying rituals. Snorkel pristine tropical reefs in the Togian Islands. Discover megalithic stones and unique flora and fauna in Lore Lindu National Park. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours. (ExpWW)

Small ship cruising the jungles of Borneo and the Indonesian Archipelago

LESSER SUNDA ISLAND CRUISE by Ombak Putih - 7 days

INDONESIA IN STYLE - Flores / Mesa / Rinca / Komodo / Sumbawa / Satonda / Lombok / Gili Nanggu / Bali - Embark on a sailing adventure on a traditional schooner to remote and enchanting areas to see the amazing Komodo dragons, smouldering volcanoes and uninhabited islands. (Gpt-ICS-Style)

ALILA PURNAMA - Live-aboard luxury yacht cruise

 CRUISE INDONESIA IN STYLE - Alila Purnama, translated as The Full Moon, is a luxurious liveaboard providing ultra-modern and relaxing accommodation for up to ten guests. The 46-metre-long Alila Purnama consists of three decks and has been built by hand in the traditional style of a Phinisi, as used by the Bugis seafarers from south Sulawesi in Indonesia.  (Gpt-ICS-Style)

BALI & KOMODO - Live-aboard package - 11 days

  INDONESIA IN STYLE - Combine sightseeing tours in Bali and lazy days in your pool villa at the Plataran Bali Resort with an exciting live-aboard to discover the komodo dragons and incredible underwater life. Guidepost Luxury package. (Gpt-ICS-Style)


 You will explore the quite and placid river by traditional boat to visit the TANJUNG PUTING NATIONAL PARK where you can search for Orangutans as well as other endemic species of Kalimantan as well as exotic fauna and flora. (Adv Ind)

Contact Guidepost Tours for more details.




Discover Wonderful Indonesia with Guidepost Tours


Camp Leakey sign in Tanjung Puting National Park


Dayak Village girl at welcoming ceremony Central Kalimantan 


Orangutan at Sekonyer River, Central Kalimantan


Camp Leakey Orangutan


Elderly lady, Lopus Village, Central Kalimantan


Exploring jungle waterfall Central Kalimantan