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Indonesia - Ambon Maluku & West Papua


The Maluku Islands have long been known throughout the world for their valuable spices which have attracted traders from China, Malaya, Java, Arabia, Persia and Gujarat to flock here in the 14th Century. Ternate is the location of Oranje Fortress, The first dutch fortress build in Indonesia in 1607. Halmahera Island houses the richest sea biota diversity in the world with 750 species of reef coral and 942 species of fish. 


Laurentz National Park is covered by perpetual snow, one of three tropical snow meadows in the world. Cartenz Summit rises 4884 metres above sea level and is popular with mountain climbers. Raja Ampart islands are a divers' paradise. The local Cendrawash is also known as the Bird of Paradise, a protected species kow for the exotic beauty, color and shape of its feathers.

Off the beaten track in West Papua & Maluku

AMBON & SAPARUA - 4 days

 Ambon Island is part of the Molucca Islands of Indonesia and much of it is covered by tropical rain forest. Visit local villages and the hot springs in Tulehu village. Saparua Island is the location of Indonesian national hero Pattimuras rebellion against Dutch forces in the 18th century. Due to its charming villages, historical remains and white beaches, Saparua is also the island escape of choice for the Ambonese. Contact Guidepost Indonesian Tours. (GPT-ICS)


 Ambon is an island that is part of the Maluku archipelago east of Sulawesi and north of Timor in Indonesia. As part of the Maluku region famed for its crucial role as the source of spices coveted by the Europeans since the mediaeval ages, Ambon was one of the earliest places in Indonesia to be colonised. This 10 day package lets you immerse yourself in this laid back paradise as well as staying in Suparua, Sawai and Seram. Despite its small size, Ambon is brimming with many undiscovered gems ready for travellers to experience. Contact Guidepost Indonesian Tours. (GPT-ICS)


 Since early of the last millennium, the small islands of Ternate and Tidore in the Moluccas were the only source for cloves in the world. Indian, Arab, Chinese and Javanese merchants used to call on these islands to carry home this precious cargo which sold at exorbitant prices in Europe and the Orient. Morotai is one of the most northerly islands in Indonesia and the beauty of its island is so impressive. Being adjacent to the Pacific Ocean and the Philippines, Morotai was used as defence base by Japanese soldiers during World War II. This is a private tour and can easily be extended. Contact Guidepost Tours of Indonesia. (GPT-ICS)

Small ship cruises through the Indonesian Archipelago

LESSER SUNDA ISLAND CRUISE by Ombak Putih - 7 days

INDONESIA IN STYLE - Flores / Mesa / Rinca / Komodo / Sumbawa / Satonda / Lombok / Gili Nanggu / Bali - Embark on a sailing adventure on a traditional schooner to remote and enchanting areas to see the amazing Komodo dragons, smouldering volcanoes and uninhabited islands. (Gpt-ICS-Style)

ALILA PURNAMA - Live-aboard luxury yacht cruise

 CRUISE INDONESIA IN STYLE - Alila Purnama, translated as The Full Moon, is a luxurious liveaboard providing ultra-modern and relaxing accommodation for up to ten guests. The 46-metre-long Alila Purnama consists of three decks and has been built by hand in the traditional style of a Phinisi, as used by the Bugis seafarers from south Sulawesi in Indonesia.  (Gpt-ICS-Style)

BALI & KOMODO - Live-aboard package - 11 days

  INDONESIA IN STYLE - Combine sightseeing tours in Bali and lazy days in your pool villa at the Plataran Bali Resort with an exciting live-aboard to discover the komodo dragons and incredible underwater life. Guidepost Luxury package. (Gpt-ICS-Style)


 You will explore the quite and placid river by traditional boat to visit the TANJUNG PUTING NATIONAL PARK where you can search for Orangutans as well as other endemic species of Kalimantan as well as exotic fauna and flora. (Adv Ind)

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