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 February to November departures - Beijing, Xi’an & Shanghai. This luxury tour offers the chance to see historic China for exceptional value. Visit all the ‘must see’ attractions that you have read and heard about, while travelling in comfort and staying in high quality accommodation. Be enchanted by World Heritage Listed sites and marvel over the architectural and engineering feats of the ancient Chinese. This unforgettable tour allows you to get a glimpse of life in China, while offering you the best cultural and historical entertainment. Don’t miss the opportunity to create once in a lifetime memories on this tour! (MWT)

SPLENDOUR OF CHINA TOUR - 14 days Small Group Tour

 Departures February to November -  This tour is a popular choice for first time travellers to China as it offers a perfect introduction to the most popular tourist attractions and well known cities of Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin and Shanghai.   With this perfect combinations of Old and New, East to West and South to North, this tour is surly your ideal choice. (MWT)

CHINA GRAND TOUR - 27 days Small Group Tour

  Departures Feebruary to October - This is our ultimate tour of China visiting all of the must-see sights as well as a three day Yangtze River Cruise. We have included return flights from Australia with Cathay Pacific. Contact Guidepost Tours for further information. (MWT)

ANCIENT SILK ROAD - 17 days Small Group Tour

 May & October plus other occasional dates -  The Silk Road is a historically important international trade route between China and the Mediterranean.   This journey gives you the best chance to experience travel on the extensive flights and railway networks across western China. The world heritage listed site of Terracotta warriors and Mogao Grottoes, the camel riding in the dessert, the stunning heavenly lake, Mount Tian and unique Islamic culture will bring you a truly silk road adventure of a lifetime. (MWT)

SOUTHERN CHINA EXPLORER - 14 days Small Group Tour

 March & September plus other occasional departures - This tour brings you the opportunities to explorer the wonder of Guilin’s Li River, wander along the ancient streets of Dali and Lijiang, an enchanting cultural touch with many Chinese minority nationalities including Zhuang, Ni, Dai, Bai, Miao, Hui, Naxi, Tibetan and much more. The scenic beauty of Guilin’s landscape, Yunnan’s Stone forest, Snow-capped Mountains and Tiger leaping gorge are the highlights of this tour. (MWT)

NATURAL WONDERS OF CHINA - 15 days Small Group Tour

  April & October plus other occassional departures -   Visiting “Avatar” style mountains in Zhangjiajie, cruising along magnificent Yangtze river on board luxury Century Legend, experience Nine village valley’s crystal clear waters and amazing waterfalls, enjoy the colourful pond at Huang Long and many Chinese Minorities tribes as well as a chance of cuddling a lovely Giant Panda in Chengdu.   This unique trip allows you to experience Fly, Train and Cruise in a single journey and is truly a lifetime experience that you will never forget! (MWT)


  Departures February to October -  This cultural tour takes you to discover many ancient cities throughout China and experience the ancient temples, streets, exquisite classical gardens and magnificent imperial gardens and Palaces, museums, Giant Panda as well as working canals and beautiful fresh water lakes.   Your luxury Yangtze River cruise trip is a Perfect option to understand the civilizations of Yangtze while enjoying the scenic view of the Three Gorges. (MWT)


 Myanmar remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world. A land of breathtaking beauty and charm yet only recently emerging into the modern world. Guidepost have a large range of small group and private tours operating weekly throughout the year.


 Guidepost Tours have many trips into North Korea throughout the year. Group travel to the DPRK is recommended for enjoyment and keeping the price reasonable. Our tour itineraries provide the best introduction to North Korea and you benefit from travelling with a great mix of nationalities, ages and backgrounds. All tours start from Beijing so we are able to combine your holiday with touring in China. Visit our page on North Korea.

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