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Africa West

 Sierra Leone

The name Sierra Leone dates back to 1462, when a Portuguese explorer sailed down the coast of West Africa. There seems some dispute whether it was the shape or climatic conditions that influenced Pedro da Cintra to come up with “Sierra Lyoa” meaning Lion Mountains.

Some say the coastal regions looked like “lion’s teeth”. Others suggest he thought the thunderstorms over the mountainous peninsula sounded like the roar of a lion. Sixteenth century English sailors called it Sierra Leoa which evolved in the 17th Century to Sierra Leone. The British officially adopted the name Sierra Leone in 1787.

Sierra Leone ison the West Coast of Africa between the Republic of Guinea to the north and Liberia is on East and North East, with the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south. It has 300 Miles of coastline.

From an approximate 70-mile coastal belt of low-lying land, the country rises to a mountain plateau near the Eastern Frontier rising 4000 to 6000 feet with a rich timber forest region. The Western area encompasses the Sierra Leone Peninsula on which the capital and main commercial centre of Freetown stands.

A mountainous promontory, it rises in places up to 300 feet above sea level – one of the few places in West Africa where the high land is so close to the sea. Where the lush green forest spills down the hillsides to meet the most beautiful white sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean.

Explore Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone – Forts, Chimps and Beaches Tour – an 8 day Small Group Tour - This tour is a perfect mix of culture, nature and history. The tour includes a visit to Bunce Island, once the largest British slave castle on the Rice Coast of West Africa. We visit the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, established to rescue orphaned and captured chimps. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for information on Sierra Leonne and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)

UNDISCOVERED GUINEA BISSAU - Guinea Bissau Discovery Tour

 Guinea-Bissau Discovery Tour – a 10 day Small Group Tour - Guinea-Bissau is one of the smallest, and least visited, countries in Africa – few western travellers make it to this former Portuguese colony, but those that do return full of incredible experiences and memories of a stunning part of the continent. Starting in Bissau, we travel by boat to the magnificent Bijagos Islands – a group of islands where traditional culture is at its strongest and ancient customs still hold sway. We visit local communities to learn about their lifestyles, some of the most traditional on the continent. We also search for the elusive saltwater hippos as well as other wildlife, and sail between idyllic islands on a true journey of discovery. Returning back to the mainland we visit the ‘ghost town’ of Bolama with its colonial remnants then spend time with the traditional Pepel people. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices. (UD)


 Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau Explorer Tour – a 14 day Small Group Tour - Three very different West African countries with contrasting indigenous and colonial histories, and linguistic legacies, are combined in a fascinating two-week tour. Say you’re heading to The Gambia and people won’t raise an eyebrow, mention Senegal and they’ll be intrigued, tell them Guinea-Bissau and you’ll have their full attention. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices (UD)

UNDISCOVERED IVORY COAST - Ivory Coast Revealed Tour

 Ivory Coast Revealed – a 13 day Small Group Tour - On this small group tour we will explore the economic powerhouse of Abidjan before heading out to the west and north of Cote D’Ivoire to spend time with the different ethnic groups of this fascinating country such as the Dan and the Senoufo people amongst others. During village visits we will witness colourful tribal festivals, rituals, initiations and mask dances. This is a journey full or surprises to a land that can rightly be considered truly off the beaten track. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices. (UD)

UNDISCOVERED TOGO, BENIN & GHANA - Ouidah Voodoo Festival Tour

 Ouidah Voodoo Festival Tour – a 13 day Small Group Tour - This is a journey to the spiritual heart of West Africa, where myth, religion and reality intertwine to create an intoxicating blend of extraordinary experiences.  Stretching from the dusty borderlands of the north to the tropical coast in the south, Ghana, Togo and Benin encapsulate all that is special about West Africa, with great scenery and wildlife complemented by a joyous and exuberant people who will make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices (UD)

UNDISCOVERED GHANA - Kingdoms of Gold Tour

 Ghana – Kingdoms of Gold – a 14 day Small Group Tour - Explore West Africa’s most welcoming nation. Ghana encapsulates all that is special about West Africa, with great scenery and wildlife complemented by a joyous and exuberant people who will make you feel welcome from the moment you arrive. Join us on this small group adventure as we discover remote villages with strong ancestral traditions and learn about the Ashanti kingdom at Kumasi. We visit the home of sacred monkeys and learn about the tragic history of this part of Africa in the slave castle at Elmina. A fascinating journey through an enchanting country.  Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices. (UD)


 Ghana in Depth Tour – a 15 day Small Group Tour - If you’ve ever met or travelled with Ghanaians, you’ll already want to visit their country. Proud, optimistic, energetic and charismatic, these attributes seem prerequisites of the Ghanaian character. Remarkable, considering hardships endured by many. This tour explores diverse aspects of Ghana, from its rich foundation of wealthy royal lineages even more complex than those of Europe, through a turbulent colonial period, to independence and today’s state. Ghana’s appeal is electric. What are you waiting for?  Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices. (UD)

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