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The vast continent of Africa is rich and diverse in it's culture with it not only changing from one country to another but within an individual country many different cultures can be found.

Much of Africa's cultural activity centres on the family and the ethnic group. Art, music, and oral literature serve to reinforce existing religious and social patterns. The westernised minority, influenced by European culture and Christianity, first rejected African traditional culture, but with the rise of African nationalism, a cultural revival occurred.  Africa was the birthplace of the human species between 8 million and 5 million years ago. Today, the vast majority of its inhabitants are of indigenous origin. People across the continent are remarkably diverse. They speak a vast number of different languages, practice hundreds of distinct religions, live in a variety of types of dwellings, and engage in a wide range of economic activities.  Discover Africa with Guidepost Discovery Tours.

Guidepost Discovery Tours through Central & Southern Africa

ZIMBABWE SAFARI & TREK - 10 night walking and canoeing

9th to 20th September -  We now have a very unique package which once again is away from the tourist routes, catering for the fit and healthy with the additional and most importantly, educating themselves about the African bush and the animals that live in it. You cannot go all the way to Africa and not visit Victoria Falls. This is where your adventure starts. One of the greatest attractions in the world. Contact Guidepost Tours. (PNGT)

Tours & Safaris through East Africa - Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda & Uganda


 For sheer weight of numbers and species of animals and birdlife, the East African wildlife reserves of Kenya and Tanzania are arguably the world’s best and most rewarding. The open grasslands offer excellent game-spotting opportunities and the phenomena of the annual migration of wildebeest and zebra between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya, is one of the world’s most remarkable sights.


SERENGETI LODGE SAFARI - 8 days in Tanzania

 Scheduled small group departures January, February, June, September & October - Enjoy a safari adventure across the vast national parks and conservation areas of Tanzania's Great Rift Valley. We observe the birdlife around Lake Manyara, search for the 'Big Five' in the Serengeti and walk among primeval baobab trees in Tarangire. We also take a game drive through Ngorongoro, the world's largest volcanic caldera. (ExpWW)


 23rd September to 2nd October - Standing Astride the equator, yet permanently snow-capped, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's rooftop and the world's highest freestanding mountain. Surrounded by some of the world's greatest game reserves, Kilimanjaro towers above these hot, fertile plains like a massive sentinel, beckoning adventurers to climb her.   Many travellers are attracted to her highest point-Uhuru Peak on Kibo - which can be reached by several easy walking or scrambling tracks. The two main summits of Kilimanjaro: craggy Mawenzi, 5149m, and 'flat-altitude, semi-desert. Kilimanjaro possesses a whole range of environments including the summit glaciers, screes, cliffs, afro-alpine moorland then forests, which lead down to cultivated foothills.  Contact Guidepost Tours. (PNGT)


 Small group departures in June & November - Join us on this cycling adventure through iconic landscapes, lakes and craters of the Great Rift Valley including a game drive through Ngorongoro and optional drives in Tarangire and Lake Manyara. Contact Guidepost Tours. (ExpWW)

Guidepost Discovery Tours through Morocco & Northern Africa

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