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 Taiwan is one of the most unsung tourist destinations in all of Asia, its modern emergence as an economic and industrial powerhouse still overshadowing the staggering breadth of natural, historic and culinary attractions this captivating island has to offer.

A fascinating mix of technological innovation and traditional Chinese and aboriginal cultures and cuisines, Taiwan is one of the only places on earth where ancient religious and cultural practices still thrive in an overwhelmingly modernist landscape.

On any given day, the casual visitor can experience this unique juxtaposition of old and new, witnessing time-honoured cultural practices while still taking in technological milestones such as the world's tallest building, Taipei 101, and the new High Speed Rail that links the island's two largest cities.

Beyond the narrow corridor of factories and crowded cities along Taiwan's west coast is a tropical island of astounding beauty, with by far the tallest mountains in northeast Asia and some of the region's most pristine and secluded coastline. Add to this the impressive array of cuisines - with specialities from all corners of China as well as authentic aboriginal and Japanese fare - and you've got one of the world's most well-rounded and hospitable holiday destinations.


Discovery Touring in Taiwan


Weekly Tuesday Departures -  Taiwan has so much to offer the tourist - natural beauty, rare wildlife, modern cities, ethnic diversity, arts and culture. Visit Taipei, Chiufen Village, Nantou, Sun Moon Lake, Kaohsiung, Kenting, Chihpe Hot Spring, Taitung, East Coast Scenic Area, Hualien and Taroko Gorge. Contact Guidepost Tours for reservations. (Gpt-MWT)


 Weekly Saturday Departures - Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, Kaohslung, Kenting, Hualien Taitung & Jiaosi. Known as ‘The Heart of Asia’, Taiwan is a beautiful country with phenomenal natural scenery. From the cerulean ocean and vast cliffs, to the marble gorges and lush forests, as well as the volcanic regions, there is plenty to see and experience. Taiwan is also a cultural fusion of traditional and modern influences. The Taiwan Express tour is perfect for experiencing the very best that Taiwan has to offer. You will travel in luxury, staying in four and five star accommodation, with English speaking tour guides to ensure you don’t miss a second of absorbing the history of the country. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours (MWT)


Weekly Thursday Departures -  Taiwan is a multicultural country thanks to its fusion of Chinese, Fujianese, Hakka, Cantonese and varous aboriginal cultures throughout the years. Taiwan boasts a wonderful array of festivals and celebrations. The fireworks, music, dancing and singing, the colourful costumes and the volcanic hot springs. Contact Guidepost Tours for more information and reservations. (Gpt-MWT)


 Weekly Monday departures -   Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka, Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, Kaohsiung, Taitung, Hualien & Taroko Gorge. Experience Japan in all its glory, on a tour allowing you to view and take part in some of the country’s most authentic traditions. Japan has so much to offer from the famous festivals and cultural events throughout the year, to the unique, healthy & delicate food. Taiwan also offers the tourist natural beauty, rare wildlife, modern cities, ethnic diversity, intriguing folk traditions and tantalising food. This amazing cultural and scenic tour combination is a scenery overload of cuisine and authenticity. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours  (MWT)


 Weekly Saturday departures - Taipei, Hualien, Taroko Gorge, Seoul, Buyeo, Gwangju, Yeosu, Gyeongju, Wonju, Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Nara & Osaka. This fantastic 20 day combination tour takes you through some of Northeast Asia’s most beautiful regions. As a semi-independent tour, it offers exceptional value for money while still taking you on an authentic and unforgettable tour through Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. In Taiwan and Korea you will enjoy Seat-in-Coach Touring, in Japan you will be travelling Semi-independently.  Contact Guidepost Tours. (MWT)

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