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Not content with one, Sudan is the only country lucky enough to have two Niles - the Blue and the White. The Blue Nile comes up from the east in Ethiopia, while the White Nile enters through the south from Uganda. They meet at the capital Khartoum - you can stand on a bridge looking over the confluence and see the two distinct colours merge - to form the one mighty river that ends up in the Mediterranean. Although the two distinct colours you see, aren't really blue and white - more like light grey and dark grey!

Northern Sudan is the land of ancient Nubia and old Kushite and Meroitic kingdoms stretching back thousands of years. From old Nubian empires to the rise of African Christianity, to the spread of Islam south of the Sahara, to the centuries of slave trading, this region has been one of the most important and influential on the entire African continent.

As a visitor, you can watch the farmers in the fertile, green fields, then sit on the river banks under the shade of a palm tree and feast on fresh dates and lime juice. Go swimming in the river and just slow down to the local pace of life in one of the most hospitable and friendly regions in the world.




Discovery Touring in Sudan


Uncover Sudan’s ancient history on a surprising group journey that takes you to remote pyramids, ancient temples and royal monuments. Staying in delightful accommodation close to the main sites, we visit the monuments around Jebel Barkal, the Royal Necropolis at Meroe as well as many other temples, all the time surrounded by the stunning scenery of the desert. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for itineraries in Sudan and prices from Australia. (U'Dest) 

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