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North Korea - DPRK

 Korea's history spans over 5000 years. Due to its strategic geographical location, neighbouring China, Japan and Russia, the peninsula has often been the field of battle of foreign powers and as now inextricably enmeshed in the global political climate. Travel broadens the mind and no more so than in North Korea. There are no restrictions for you to visit and the United Nations, European Union and other agencies see tourism as a positive way of engagement. Very few journalists are allowed into North Korea so the amazing experiences you will embrace there are rarely publicised. It is not a country that many people visit, and there is virtually no information available about it. 

Any contact we have with the Korean people has to be beneficial in breaking down barriers, particularly as many people outside Pyongyang have not seen let alone interacted with foreigners. On our tours amazing things happen such as tourists joining in folk celebrations with the Koreans on their day off. Tourists have experienced the most magical times including impromptu football matches with workers, playing with Korean children, being approached by Koreans who practice broken English on them. In the West we portray the Koreans as a very humourless and robotic people, however this stereotype is soon broken if you travel there, they are a very proud people and although their life is a struggle their humour and warmth is unsurpassed.

Information for travellers to North Korea is at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: Regular tour groups have a maximum of 19 persons except for Kimchi Budget Tours which are capped at 25. Multiple groups may travel on some itineraries.

Discovery Group Tours in North Korea



Guidepost Tours are excited to announce the 2015 launch of Kimchi by Koryo: a new line of basic introductory tours for the frugal traveller in search of adventure.  Look for the Kimchi Logo in our tour list below.


 Information for travelling to North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea - DPRK). Guidepost Tours are Australian agents for Koryo Tours who have long been associated with travel to North Korea. Information relates to group tours, independent private touring and trips to special occasions such as the Mass Games and other important celebrations. This information is designed as a guide and every request for travel will be treated individually. Contact Guidepost Tours for more details.


 An independent tour is a great way to visit North Korea, particularly when travelling with a small group of friends. You can choose your dates of travel, methods of entry and exit, and the itinerary can be tailored to suit your requests. We offer different standards of independent tours. Tours can be as short as 3 days and up to 8 nights or more. Contact Guidepost Tours for suggested itineraries.


 On the way to North Korea why not spend a few days exploring Beijing or some of the outstanding sights of China. Guidepost have some local tour operators based in Beijing who provide excellent day tours and short regional trips. We have listed a selection of the most popular tours here however other options are available. Contact Guidepost Tours for details when packaging your tours to North Korea.


 Celebrate the end of summer on Youth and Navy Day in Pyongyang

MASS GAMES WEEKEND TOUR - 3 nights September 2018

UNSEEN KOREA - 11 September 2018 - 13 days

 All the less visited parts of the country - see what others do not!


 Join us for the biennial Pyongyang International Film Festival and an in-depth look at 'Chollywood', North Korea's film industry.

PYONGYANG INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL TOUR - 18 September 2018 - Introductory Highlights

 Join us for the biennial Pyongyang International Film Festival and an introductory look at 'Chollywood', North Korea's film industry.

BREWERY INDUSTRY & MASSED GAMES - 22 nd September, 6 days

 For the first time ever you can join a brewery tour in North Korea with a special focus on taste and discovery.

CHINA NATIONAL DAY TOUR - 29 September 2018


5 nights in North Korea. Come celebrate our Silver Jubilee! Nick Bonner founded Koryo Tours in 1993. This is your chance to travel with him to Pyongyang, and beyond, on a special anniversary tour celebrating Koryo’s 25 years of ground-breaking work in North Korean tourism 
From 1,199 EUR per person

KORYO BUDGET TOUR - 13 November 2018

4 nights in North Korea + 1 on the train. Visit North Korea in the midst of autumn! This tour is the best way to see North Korea’s highlights on a shoestring, and includes a city tour of Pyongyang, a visit to historic Kaesong and the DMZ, and the lively town of Pyongsong. 
From 990 EUR per person

NEW YEARS EVE TOUR - 29th December 2018

 5 nights in North Korea for New Year's Eve + Beijing-Pyongyang travel time.  Start off 2019 with the big celebrations in Pyongyang! Round-trip by train or upgrade  to flight. 

From 1,199 EUR per person

NORTH KOREA BUDGET TOUR - 8th January - 5 days

 4 nights in North Korea + travel time between Beijing and Pyongyang. Our first tour of 2019! Visit Korea in the quiet of winter as the country looks forward to the year ahead. Round-trip by train or upgrade to flight. 

From 775 EUR per person


 5 nights in North Korea + Beijing-Pyongyang travel time. A special student-oriented budget tour at the start of the Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Season 

From 999 EUR per person

LUNAR NEW YEAR WEEKEND TOUR - 3 nights, 2nd February 2019

 3 nights in North Korea + Beijing-Pyongyang travel time. Escape the chaos of Beijing over the Chinese New Year Holiday for a packed long weekend in the neighbour to the north 

From 999 EUR per person

LUNAR NEW YEAR TOUR - 5 nights, 2nd February.

 5 nights in North Korea + Beijing-Pyongyang travel time. Escape the chaos of Beijing over the Chinese New Year Holiday! 

From 1,199 EUR per person


 5 nights in North Korea + Beijing-Pyongyang travel time. Join in the celebrations over one of the biggest holidays in the DPRK’s calendar – the birthday of Kim Jong Il on February 16th 

From 1,199 EUR per person


 7 nights in North Korea + Beijing-Pyongyang travel time.Join in the celebrations over one of the biggest holidays in the DPRK’s calendar – the birthday of Kim Jong Il on February 16th 

From 1,399 EUR per person

DANDONG EXTENSION - optional add on to most tours to North Korea

 Dandong; a fascinating small city on the Chinese side of the Yalu river, facing across to Sinuiju, your point of exit from DPRK after the tour. Instead of returning directly to Beijing we are pleased to offer a one and two-day fully-guided extension to the tour to take in all the sights of Dandong on a special North Korea-themed extension. Formerly only available to those tourists who exit the DPRK by train, this tour is now available to travellers taking part in DPRK tours ending on Saturdays and Wednesdays only. Contact Guidepost Tours for details. (Koryo)

SINUIJU STOPOVER - optional add on to most tours to North Korea

 We are pleased to be the first to announce that it is possible to stay overnight in this rarely-visited city, and that this can be done as an extension to any tour that leaves the country by train – both on group tours and independent. You can now visit Sinuiju and stay overnight either by train from Pyongyang or by travelling in from Dandong, China. Day trips to Sinuiju are also still available from Dandong if you don't want to stay overnight. (Gpt-Koryo)


 Newly opened in January 2013 the first major ski resort in the DPRK; the Masik Pass Ski Resort features 9 main runs and two beginners slopes. It’s been widely reported-on, and surrounded by no-little controversy, but the resort is now open and after Koryo tours were invited on an inspection visit all our tourists are welcome to try it out!  we are offering a two night extension for anyone wanting to take the opportunity to hit the slopes of North Korea; be among the first foreign visitors and stay at the newly opened and very well equipped hotel. (GptKoryo)

PYONGSONG - our new destination

 Koryo Tours is pleased to be able to announce that we have been able to gain access to some interesting sites in the city of Pyongsong, located just 30 minutes drive from Pyongyang, in the DPRK (North Korea). 

Contact Guidepost Tours for more details.



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