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Whether its at the beautiful and serene beaches of places like Coxs' Bazaar that stretch on forever, or a boat journey through the winding, curving backwaters of a Bangladeshi river, with its ancient towns and villages some dating back more than 2000 years, and past maharajas palaces of the previous centuries. It'll be an experience that will undoubtably find a place which will provide you with the unforgetable trip of a lifetime.

Prior to the time of Bangladeshs' liberation in 1971, most tourists restricted their visits to Dhaka and Agrabad. Limited satisfactory accommodation in the rest of Bangladesh at that time, saw neighbouring Kolkata in West Bengal, who were well ahead with their facilities, soar in popularity. It took until the middle of the nineteen nineties for the improvement in accommodation start to show increased numbers visitors.

Tourism is alive and well in Bangladesh.

Discovery Touring in Bangladesh


The fascination of Bangladesh lies in observing the life going on around you. Our Bangladesh Discovery small group tour is a unique opportunity to take in some of the highlights of the country. The journey begins in bustling Dhaka, followed by a leisurely cruise on the famous ‘Rocket’ paddle steamer south to the Sundarbans. A short flight will bring you back to Dhaka, from where you will head north to the country’s tea growing capital, Srimangal. Contact Guidepost Discovery Tours for detailed itineraries in Bangladesh and prices from Australia. (U'Dest)

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