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Africa Central

Discover the countries of Central Africa


 Republic of Congo – Congo Odzala Discovery Tour – a 9 day Small Group Tour - Explore the towering forests, crystal-clear streams and expansive open savannah of north-west Congo: track western lowland gorillas through pristine rainforest and discover a mosaic of grasslands and waterways as you search out unique birds and wildlife. On this tour we travel to Odzala-Kokoua National Park, with its heavily forested landscape characterised by networks of swamps, bais and rivers and we stay at excellent quality lodges with two camps inside and a 3rd on a private concession bordering the national park. This vast and truly wild region is home to an incredible diversity of life with forest elephant, leopard, bongo, forest buffalo, giant forest hog and hippo living alongside the greatest density of western lowland gorilla in Africa. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices. (UD)

UNDISCOVERED CAMEROON - Kingdoms of Cameroon Tour

 Kingdoms of Cameroon Tour – a 14 day Small Group Tour - Cameroon encompasses Central and West Africa, deep primary forest and wild Atlantic coast, the people of forest tribes and farmers. The country also melds Francophone and Anglophone communities, vestiges of a colonial overlay. This tour spends time in two different regions of the country. In the highlands area we explore the traditional chieftaincy of Foumban, an incredibly colourful place with a fascinating history. We then head east, through thick rainforests to the homelands of the Ba’Aka. In between we visit the primate sanctuary at Mefou and the Edea Reserve which is home to several endangered species of primate. Finally we head to the coast at Kribi, before returning to Douala. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices (UD)

UNDISCOVERED CHAD - Discover Zakouma Tour

 Chad – Discover Zakouma Tour – an 8 day Small Group Tour - In the south of Chad sits Zakouma National Park, one of Africa’s best kept wildlife secrets – a little known park in a little known country that harbours huge numbers of iconic wildlife species. Our Zakouma tour takes you to a natural paradise in the very heart of Africa, home to elephants, lion, leopards and more. Setting out from N’Djamena we cross the Sahel, travelling through the region of Guera with its impressive inselberg scenery, stopping in villages en route and meeting local communities following traditional lifestyles, almost untouched by the modern world. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices. (UD)

UNDISCOVERED CHAD - Peaks of the Tibesti

 Chad Tour – Peaks of the Tibesti – a 22 day Small Group Tour - This is the Sahara’s final frontier. Travel to the remote Tibesti Mountains in the north of Chad, to explore dramatic peaks, including the Sahara’s highest mountain, and meet the Tubu people living here. Out of bounds for a long time, with a little care and a lot of planning it’s now possible to visit this stunning region. Expect a tough journey as we will be crossing vast empty spaces on our journey from the capital to the north.This is a true expedition.  Chad is still very much an emerging destination in terms of tourism, but if sand is in your blood, to travel the raw and beautiful landscapes of the Tibesti is an experience that will transcend most others. Yalla! Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices (UD)

UNDISCOVERED CHAD - Gerewol Festival Tour

 Chad – Gerewol Festival Tour – an 8 day Small Group Tour - After the annual rains, the nomadic Mbororo people gather for a unique celebration known as the Gerewol. This is a festival full of colour and has to be considered one of the most off the beaten track and fascinating cultural experiences in the whole of Africa. We will feel privileged to be able to travel to the remote region of Durbali to see the age old traditions of the Mbororo and join them as they celebrate the Gerewol Festival by feasting, singing, dancing and engaging in courtship. In particular, a real highlight is to witness the spectacular way in which the young Mbororo men decorate themselves with make-up and jewellery to impress a prospective partner. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices (UD)

UNDISCOVERED CHAD - Soul of the Sahara

 Chad – Soul of the Sahara Tour – an 17 day Small Group Tour - Deserts are evocative places. Perhaps it’s their apparent emptiness that appeals. A distant horizon that allows us to relax our eyes and absorb a wild and unforgiving vision. However, deserts are rarely truly empty, and if your life has been attuned to their subtle cycles, neither need they be unforgiving. The raw and beautiful Ennedi Massif melds landscapes and people in a spare and loose synergy. For some, to travel here satisfies a natural human curiosity. For others, it poses a host of new questions. See it for yourself. Travel through the wilds of Chad, spending time in the amazing Ennedi Mountains with their stunning rock formations, meeting Tubu nomads, passing traditional camel caravans and stopping at remote communities before reaching the Ounianga Lakes. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices. (UD)


 DR Congo – Congo River Expedition 28 day Small Group Tour or 16 day Small Group Tour - this is Africa for the very experienced. The turbulent, surging flow of the Congo reflects the country which currently shares its name. Indeed, the journey from Kinshasa, now a larger French-speaking city than Paris, to Kisangani must surely be the world’s most adventurous river cruise.The expedition takes in remote villages, some of the country’s important historical sights, rain forests and of course a chance to meet the local people. Experience the different sights and sounds of the real Africa as you travel through a land so few travellers have yet discovered. We travel using our river cruiser, an 18-meter long, wooden boat, equipped with two powerful outboard engines. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices (UD)


UNDISCOVERED SAO TOME & PRINCIPE - Holiday Islands Explorer Tour

 Sao Tome & Principe Holiday – Islands Explorer Tour – a 10 day Small Group Tour - Imagine travelling to tropical islands with white palm fringed beaches, crystal clear water, unexplored jungle and a friendly people who rarely see tourists. Welcome to São Tomé and Príncipe, a remote archipelago off the coast of central Africa that few people have even heard of, let alone been to. On our tour we explore the colonial heritage of the islands by staying in restored plantation houses, walk through unspoiled forests in the interior and relax on pristine beaches. Explore a truly undiscovered destination. Contact Guidepost for current dates and prices. (UD)

UNDISCOVERED BURUNDI - The heart of Africa Tour -

 Burundi Tour – The Heart of Africa – an 8 day Small Group Tour -  A small Central African state, bordered by Congo DRC, Rwanda and Tanzania, this 8 day exploration of Burundi delves deep in to the culture, history and natural beauty of the country. Visit Rusizi National Park,  a wetland that is home to a vast array of birdlife as well as Hippo and Sitatungas. We visit Lake Tanganyika, the world’s longest fresh water lake and home to the cichlid species of fresh water fish many of which are unique to this lake. Contact Guidepost for currentdates and prices. (UD)

UNDISCOVERED EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Equatorial Guinea Encompassed

 Equatorial Guinea – Encompassed Tour – a 10 day Small Group Tour - Explore Equatorial Guinea from the nesting sea turtles of Rio Muni to the cosmopolitan waterfront restaurants of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea truly offers something to suit every taste. Spread across a number of Atlantic islands and a coastal strip of mainland territory, when setting out on this journey you will be following in the footsteps of intrepid Victorian explorers such as Sir Richard Burton and Mary Kingsley. This tiny nation, with less than a million inhabitants, features a stunning variety of landscapes, sights and peoples. Here you will find the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic fused with the bio-diverse jungles of Central Africa and the cultures and flavours of Europe and the Americas. Contact Guidepost for current prices and dates (UD)

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